gold petite gem necklace/09 rutilated quartz fan drop

bezel gem necklace in gold/02 rutilated quartz fan drop

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these semi-precious gemstones are hand selected for their brilliance and clarity. each is hand cut in a faceted pattern to create light reflection and show off the nature of the stone. each piece is then hand bezel set in gold and hung from our elegant Dione snake chain


  • chain length: Dione gold plate 1mm snake chain
  • gem dimensions: 22x23 fan drop

gemstone properties: Rutilated quartz is quartz stone with rutile enclosures. Rutile is a mineral that is made up mostly of titanium dioxide or TiO2. As a mineral, it's very high on the refractive index and disperses more than almost any other mineral. This means that, when it appears in other minerals, it almost always appears in long, thin shots of color. Rutilus is, in fact, the Latin word for red, and the mineral gained its name because some specimens are a lovely deep red color. It can also appear in brown and gray tones.

The name “quartz” comes from the Greek derivative krustallos, meaning ice, as it was thought that it was actually ice formed by the Gods. Since the Middle Ages, crystal balls made of rock crystal have been used to predict the future.


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